Beyond the Wall: Homeless Zone Doc

Beyond the Wall: Homeless Zone is an unflinching, well-made documentary directed and produced by Alivia C. Tagliaferri that tells the stories of two Iraq War veterans, focusing on their post-war re-adjustments, which involved overcoming homelessness in Washington, D.C.

Co-produced by Nancy E. Mantelli, the doc tells the stories of the two veterans through their own voices, and also effectively uses the testimony of James Street, a VA social worker, and Pastor James Lewis of the Central Union Mission in Washington, both of whom work day and night on behalf of homeless veterans.

While the two veteran subjects of the film are young, the doc also addresses the issue of homelessness among Vietnam veterans. That includes Pastor Lewis talking about his experiences in Vietnam during Tet ’68 and his difficult post-war re-adjustment.

Tagliaferri is the author of <I>Still the Monkey<$> (Ironcutter Media, 315 pp., $18.95), a moving novel about a Vietnam veteran who goes through a hellish tour only to suffer emotionally for many years after he comes home.

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