A Grin Without A Cat

The French writer, photographer, film director, multimedia artist and documentary maker Chris Marke r (born Christian François Bouche-Villeneuve in 1921) is probably best known for directing AK (1985), a documentary about the famed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.

In 1977 he made a four-hour, highly charged political documentary, Le Fond de l’air Est Rouge , which has just been released for the first time in the United States on DVD under the title of A Grin Without a Cat .

Subtitled “Scenes from the Third World War, 1967-1977, ” the film (featuring narration by top French actors of the day including Vyes Montand and Simone Signoret) gives Marker’s from-the-left version of the meaning of wars and other upheavals in the sixties and seventies in Vietnam, Bolivia, France (the student revolt of May ’68), the former Czechoslovakia, and Chile, as well as the fate of the New Left.

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