‘Brief Exorcisms’ Spoken Word Recording by Richard Katu

You can listen to retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Richard J. Koeteeuw (“Richard Katu”) read the poems on three of his albums under the general title, “Brief Exorcisms, War and Service” on the website cd.now

Katu, a life member of Vietnam Veterans of America, deals with matters before, during, and after his Vietnam War service in 82 poems such as “1st Division Title & Colorado Snowfall,” “Air Force Cadet Nightwalk,” “Missing in Action,”The End of Vietnam,” and “Vietnam Revisited.”

“Creating poetry as unique as his name, words are clustered in ‘thought groups’ to focus on the thoughts, images and feelings intended in the cluster,” the cd.now site notes. “Spaces on the page evoke the pauses in natural speech that occur between the thought groups.”

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