Tom Mckinney's Fiction

VVA member Tommy Glenn Mckinney’s latest book, Webfoot (Balboa Press, 312 pp., $27.90), was published earlier this year. It’s an action-filled novel dealing with “a boy in the swamps of Louisiana who does whatever is necessary to survive on his own from the tender age of twelve, ” Mckinney told us.

His first novel,  Trail Dust  (Xlibris, 254 pp., $19.99, paper), is a western set in the mid 19th century in Texas.  Neither book has anything to do with the Vietnam War or Vietnam veterans, although Mckinney served with the U.S. Air Forces’ 556th  Red Horse Squadron in Thailand in 1967-68.

“I—along with many others—helped build Nakon Phanom Royal Thai Air Base, ” Mckinney told us.

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