Dale Dye's Latest Venture: 'Code Word Geronimo'

VVA member Dale Dye, the former Marine best known for his pioneering military technical advising for the movies (Platoon , Saving Private Ryan , The Pacific , Band of Brothers , et al .), also is an accomplished novelist. Among other things, he wrote the novelization of the movie Platoon , for which Dye invented the mini-boot camp that turned a bunch of Hollywood actors into pretty good facsimiles of real American troops in the Vietnam War.

Dye’s newest project: Code Word: Geronimo , an 88-page hardcover graphic novel he has put together with his wife, Julia Dye. The topic: the  Navy SEAL Team 6 mission that took out Osama bin Laden. The book, from IDW Publishing, is scheduled to be published the first week of September.

The art work is by  Gerry Kissell and Amin Amat and Vietnam veteran and novelist John M. (The Thirteenth Valley ) Del Vecchio wrote the afterword.

“I firmly believe you won’t get a more accurate account of this pivotal moment in history unless it is told by the SEAL team members themselves, ” IDW editor Tom Waltz told the San Diego Union-Tribune .

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