Bobby Muller Speaks

Robert O. Muller—better known to everyone in the veterans community as Bobby—will be remembered as the founder, in 1978, of Vietnam Veterans of America. VVA arose from those more-than-humble beginnings to become the only congressionally chartered Vietnam War veterans service organization, with nearly 90,000 members today in more than 650 chapters around the country.

Muller, who retired several years ago, sat down in 2019 with Stephen McKeirnan,  who has specialized in the history of the 1960 and 70s, for an hour-and-ten-minute interview. Muller spoke in detail about his life growing up on Long Island, his decision to join the U.S. Marine Corps, his time as an infantry lieutenant in the Vietnam War, and as a paraplegic Vietnam War veteran. He then covered how he became an activist veterans’ advocate with Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and later became the founder and first president of Vietnam Veterans of America—and much more.

The audio interview is archived at the Binghamton University of New York’s University Library. You can listen to the entire interview online at

October 21, 2021




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