Author Query: Incarcerated Veterans Oral History Project

Jason Higgins, a Ph.D. student in American History at University of Massachusetts Amherst, is researching the history of incarcerated veterans since the Vietnam War.

“I have been conducting oral history projects with veterans for the past five years focusing on trauma, disability, and the memories of coming home from war,” Higgins told us. “I have interviewed over forty-five veterans, mostly from the war in Vietnam. History has customarily overlooked the lives of veterans after war, but I plan to change that. I am launching an oral history project and writing a book on the reintegration experiences of veterans.”

To that end, he is asking for help from veterans. “I am trying to locate and interview veterans from the conflicts in Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan, who are formerly or presently incarcerated,” he said. “I would also be interested in interviewing veterans who have worked on issues related to incarcerated veterans.”

The interviews will be archived in the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. They can be done over the phone or via Skype.

If you’re interested, send an email to or call 870-723-6110.


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