Online Grandson of the VVA Vets’ Survival Guide

Back in 1985, Vietnam Veterans of America’s legal team was the primary force behind The Viet Vet Survival Guide: How to Cut Through the Bureaucracy and Get What You Need–And Are Entitled To . That book, written by Craig Kubey and now out of print, provided a reader-friendly, step-by-step guide for Vietnam veterans, showing how to file claims for VA disability benefits and apply for VA mortgages, education programs and pensions, among many other things.

Now comes The American Veterans’ and Servicemembers’ Survival Guide , the grandson of VVA’s guidebook. The new book (in came out in December), which is available on line, is aimed at veterans of the Vietnam War and those from subsequent wars. It was put together by Veterans for America, formerly the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (which was not affiliated with VVA). David Addlestone, a longtime veterans’ advocacy attorney (and a VVA life member), is one of the authors.

It is available as a free download at .

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