On the Web: The Soldiers & Civilians Project

The web site, Soldiers & Civilians Project , has just gone live.  It is the home of an audio documentary and online forum that looks at the nature of military service, along with the impact of war on the personal lives of those most directly affected: veterans, folks on the home front, and others.

“Through these conversations—including responses from listeners—The Soldiers & Civilians Project intends to contribute to a deeper understanding of the realities of military service, the gravely serious consequences that follow from a decision to engage in warfare, and the ways in which people work to prevent or stop armed conflict or to ameliorate its effects, ” the Project’s organizers say.

“The hope is that these conversations will foster further dialogue, encourage us to listen more closely to one another, and help guide us—as citizens of a self-governing society—toward wiser and more compassionate decisions.”

The Project is looking for input from veterans. If you’d like to contribute your war and post-war stories or for more info, email soldiers.civilians@gmail.com

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