New Interactive On-Line Wall and the National Archives and Records Administration held a press conference at the Archives in Washington, D.C., on March 26 to announce the release of an online interactive photo of the Vietnam War Memorial and a new program that allows visitors to search The Wall, and to pay tribute to those who perished in the Vietnam War by adding photos, comments, and stories.

The on-line photo of The Wall, by National Geographic photographer Peter Krogh, is an amalgam of some 1, 500 individual photos. The process took more than five months to complete. The resulting image is enormous, nearly five giga-pixels in size. But not to worry: Despite the immense size, just about anyone can view the image online at, working with the National Archives, has linked service records and casualty reports to each name on The Wall. also plans to digitize National Archives photos from the Vietnam War.

Interactive On-Line Wall

To look at the Interactive Wall, go to: and click on the prominent icon for the “Interactive Vietanam Wall.” You can search by name or highlight a name on the photo for individual information.

To view a video on the new go to: .

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