Jack Herman's Vietnam War 'Micro Nonfiction'

Every week, the website Microfiction Monday posts stories that are told in 100 words or less. Today’s edition is a bit different–it contains six micro nonfictional accounts of the Vietnam War experiences of Jack Herman.

Drafted into the Army as a Conscientious Objector,  Herman served as a medic in Vietnam from 1969-70 with the 1st Cavalry Division. He saw his share of combat and—without carrying a weapon—received a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars.

Here’s the full text of one of the pieces, “Nothing For Pain”:

It was a minor wound. A bullet had hit the man between his thumb and forefinger. Good bleeding but not pulsating, so no artery involvement. The medic cleaned and bandaged the wound as best he could while they sat in a dark foxhole.

“Sorry, ” said the medic. “I don’t have anything for the pain. Battalion won’t issue us Darvon or morphine anymore because guys are stealing it from our aid bags. We’ll do our best to get you out in the morning on a chopper when we get resupplied with ammo. I’ll be back later to check the dressing.”

     Jack Herman in Vietnam

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