Vietnam Veteran Book Indexer

Good book indexers are worth their weight in precious metals. That’s because an inclusive, accurate index is a key component for any nonfiction book. As The Chicago Manual of Style puts it: “Every serious book should have an index if it is to achieve its maximum usefulness.”

If you have a nonfiction book in the pipeline, you might want to consider contacting Galen L. Schroeder, who has been a top-flight free-lance book indexer since 2001. Schroeder also is a Vietnam veteran, who did a 1967-68 tour, and is a retired Army officer in Fargo, North Dakota. A member of the American Society of Indexers, he holds a Ph.d in Agronomy and Plant Physiology from North Dakota State University.

Shroeder has indexed books on many different subjects, including military history, and the Vietnam War. He can be reached at His web site is

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