Vietnam TV Doc on Linebacker II

VTV6, the Youth Channel of the official Vietnamese Television Network, is putting together a program to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the so-called Christmas Bombing campaign of  late December 1972, which was officially known as Operation Linebacker II. The program’s main purpose, its producers say,  will be, “to share the reflections, pains of war and especially in the sense of reconciliation and mutual understanding toward the need to build connections, friendship and cooperation between the people and veterans of our two countries, Vietnam and the U.S.”

The sh0w is set to go on the air on December 28. The producers are looking for American Vietnam veterans who served in Vietnam in 1972—ideally, former Linebacker pilots and crew members—willing to be interviewed.

If you’re interested, email Chuck Searcy, a Vietnam veteran who works for an NGO in Vietnam, at If you do, please mention that you read about it on The VVA Veteran’s Arts of War on the web page.



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