Veterans' Testimony Wanted

Connie Gibbons, whose husband Greg served with the  Marines at Khe Sanh in Vietnam in 1967-68, is putting together a collection of letters tentatively titled “If I Could See You, I Would Tell You.” The proposed book would be made up of present-day letters from veterans and their families discussing traumatic events that occurred during the war “to promote healing of deep scars and unresolved feelings.”

Those “powerful words, ” she says, “would represent a great gift of understanding to pass from one generation to the next.”

If you’d like to participate, you can do so in writing (no more than 1, 500 words) or a voice recording on CD, and send the submission by December 31, along with a short paragraph of background.

For more info, send an email to

If you do, please mention that you read about the project on Vietnam Veterans of America’s Arts of War on the Web page.

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