The Faces

The Faces Behind The Names CoverIn 1996, we reviewed the book The Faces Behind the Names , by Don Ward. That book, and its second volume which came out in 2000, honored Minnesotans and others who perished in the Vietnam War with family-submitted bios, photos, and pictures. Ward, who published the books, sent free copies to family members and sold the rest to try and cover the costs of self-printing. We recently heard from Ward who told us that he had sold all of his copies, “put the project to rest, ” and moved to Thailand.

But Ward now tells us that he continues to get requests for the books, “but not enough to cover a re-print cost.” He would like to “honor these book requests, ” he says, but cannot afford the costs of reprinting unless he sells several hundred copies of the books. If you’d like to learn more, go to his web site, or send him an email:

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