The 2009 Pop Culture Meeting – Call for Vietnam War Papers

Every year the Popular Culture Association National Meeting has a significant Vietnam War component. The 2009 meeting, which will be held April 8-11 in New Orleans, will be no exception. The meeting’s organizers are looking to include papers and panels on a wide variety of disciplines that make up the popular culture community.

“All approaches and points of view—creative, scholarly, interdisciplinary, multicultural—are welcome, ” the organizers tell us, “film, literature, history, sociology, political science, linguistics, ethnicity, folklore, original fiction, poetry, drama, art, music, Vietnamese writers and artists and culture. Whatever interests you about the war and its genesis or aftermath.”

If you’re interested, send a 250-word abstract (including title) for a paper or for a complete panel by December 1 to Mary Sue Ply, Department of English, Southeastern Louisiana University, SLU 10861, Hammond, LA 70466. For each presenter, include a name, department and university affiliation (where appropriate), mailing address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

For more info, e-mail: or call 985-549-3383

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