Student Looking for Tet '68 Vets to Interview

Pranav Ravikumar, a student at the Singapore American School, is making a documentary on the Tet Offensive for the annual National History Day  contest.

“Every year, ” Pranav tells us, “there is a specific theme set for students and this year’s theme is Turning Points in History. Therefore, within the Vietnam War, my main points are going to be focused on the Tet Offensive and how it changed the course of the war and how it turned U.S. perspectives and defense strategies in recent wars.”

For his documentary, the young student is looking to interview Vietnam veterans who served in the war during Tet ’68, especially those who were in intelligence.  “This would help enhance the documentary with many perspectives, ” he says.

If you’re interested, send an email to  and mention that you read about the project on The VVA Veteran magazine’s Arts of War on the web page.

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