Share your comic Nam stories–and your favorite tunes

 Jim Barker,   who served as an U.S. Army adviser and linguist in Vietnam in 1972, is putting together two projects and would like help from other Vietnam veterans.

The first is a book that will contain off-beat in-country true stories. “I’d like to hear from folks with their most comic to bizarre experiences that happened during their Vietnam tours, ” Baker tells us. He will give contributors full credit or “confidentiality as requested, ” along with “equal distribution of any proceeds realized.”

Email your contribution to and include your name, rank, MOS, base camp or Area of Operations, and the years you were in country.

Baker’s also is doing a “Music & Memories” research survey and would like to hear from Vietnam veterans with details about their “favorite songs, or top several songs, in order of personal importance during your tour, and a statement as to their meaning and importance.” Beyond “its aesthetic & sentimental value, ” Baker says, “it seems music serves as a powerful connector to events and experiences of all types.”

He will provide a copy of the results of his survey to all contributors.

If you decide to help, be sure to mention you found out about Baker’s work on this page.

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