Seeking Stories From Disabled Vietnam Veterans

For a book entitled Of Hearts and Minds; Body and Soul: America’s Disabled Combat Veterans: Forgotten Heroes of Vietnam , co-authors (and Vietnam veterans) John Brittain and Rick Bell would like hear from former service members who fit the title and subtitle who are willing  to tell their life stories.

“The Vietnam veteran is getting older and has been, over the years, the recipient of indifference and sometimes disrespect for his involvement in the war, ” Brittain says. “Most Americans today when they hear of disabled veterans do not think to include our disabled Vietnam veterans.  Society today has more respect for their current armed forces than during the Vietnam era and present day society probably better understands how important our armed forces are [today].”

For more info, contact  Brittain at or 360-387-0792, or Bell at or 360-653-7420

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