Novelist Seeking Veterans' Input

Kate Beer is a writer who is working on a novel that deals with the Vietnam War. “Four of the main characters are young enlisted men and draftees from this small town, ” she told us. “Their stories are told from their perspectives both while they are in Vietnam and through a series of flashbacks when they return. It is a combined story of war and homecoming” and everything that entailed.

Beer said she is “trying to seek authenticity and truth in my characters and their stories ” beyond what she learned in a Vietnam War class she took in college and a month she spent studying in Vietnam in 2009.  That latter experience, she said, “gave me an amazing outlook on the landscape, culture, and tactics of the NVA and Viet Cong.  While this experience was invaluable to the writing of my book, it only tapped the surface of what I need.”

Beer says she wants to know what  American soldiers experienced in the thick of things in Vietnam. “It is important to me to write this book and this story with the utmost respect for the veteran and his combat experience, ” she said.

If you’d like to help out, send an email to  If you do, please mention that you read about her work in The VVA Veteran ‘s Arts of War on the Web page.

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