Hamburger Hill Veterans Wanted

Attention: Veterans of the Battle of Hamburger Hill (aka Hill 937 on Ap Bia Mountain) in May of 1969.

John DiConsiglio, a writer with Scholastic Press, which publishes books and magazines used in schools as teaching aides, is working on a book for high school students on Hamburger Hill.

“The book would focus on the real-life stories of real veterans, ” DiConsiglio told us. “This style
connects well with kids. They are fascinated to hear real experiences rather than read from dry textbooks.”

He is therefore looking for veterans of that engagement who would like to share their stories for the book. “I’m trying to talk to as many people from as many different perspectives as I can, ” he told us today (November 13). “Ideally, I would talk with them over the phone in the next few weeks. I’d try not to take up too much of their time.”

If you’d like to help, call 703-533-3758 or email

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