Funny War Stories Wanted

Ed and Mary Shanahan are looking for “funny and unusual (but please no blood and guts; everyone knows the horrors of war) stories” for a collection they’re putting together of short, but funny and true war stories.

“I’m looking for funny stories like this one, ” Ed Shanahan, who served with
B Battery, 4th/42nd Artillery of the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam in 1969-70, told us:

“December of 1969, just before Christmas we saw hundreds of lights in the valley, so we started shooting direct fire at them because they weren’t supposed to be there.  They kept getting closer, so we called for additional support from additional arty batteries.  Turns out we were shooting at lightning bugs!”

For more info, email and mention that you read about the project in VVA’s Arts of War on the Web page.

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