Filmmaker Query: Doc on U.S. Naval Station at Rota, Spain

Vanesa Benítez Zamora, a filmmaker from the south of Spain, is doing research for a documentary film about life surrounding the U.S. Naval Station at Rota in  Spain in the 1960s and 70s.

“I have heard some stories about Vietnam veterans who were staying in Rota during that period, ” she told us. “I’m looking for anybody who has stories about their stay in this small town in the South of Spain—including exchange/shock between these two communities—and suggestions for books I should read. Archives, pictures, videos, books and personal stories would be very appreciated.”

If you have any suggestions or if you want to share your experiences, please send an e-mail to If you do, please mention you read about her work on The VVA Veteran ‘s Arts of War on the web page.

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