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Were you spat upon when you returned to home from Vietnam? If so, and you have evidence to prove it, USAF veteran Steven Norris would like to hear from you for a book he’s writing on what he believes is the myth that no Vietnam veterans were spat upon by antiwar demonstrators.

“Much of this issue hinges on a purported lack of evidence in the form of police reports, arrest records and court records concerning these incidents, ” Norris says. “What I really need is to find anyone that may have kept a record of one of these encounters or who could point me to a specific date/time when something happened and the police or airport personnel were involved. I would also like to make contact with any vet who was spit on or otherwise mistreated by antiwar types.”

His contact info: Steven Norris, 413 Chesham Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284; email:

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