Are you A Belgian Birthday Twin?

The “Birthday Twins Project, ” a new documentary series currently in production for Belgian National TV is looking at what life would have been like for Belgian folks if they had been born in another part of the world. “To be able to answer this question, we have selected about 20 Belgian participants for our project, ” the show’s producer told us. “For those Belgians, we are looking for people worldwide who were born on the exact same day and who have the same gender, the so-called ‘birthday twins.'”

That’s where you come in. The producers would love to include an American Vietnam veteran among the group of birthday twins. If they find someone who would like to be part of the show, they would introduce him (or her) to his (or her) Belgian counterpart. “Together they can discover to what extent their surroundings, habits, and culture have influenced their lives and what the resemblances or differences are, ” the producers say. “We would like to immerse the Belgian person in the daily life of his/her foreign twin and film that experience during a couple of days.”

Here’s the list of birthdays for our generation. If yours is on there and you’d like to take part in the show, email Annelore De Donder at and tell her where you read about it.


18 July 1948
19 July 1948
25 September 1949
11 February 1952
18 January 1956
5 May 1956

5 April 1943
2 May 1950

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