Academic Query: African-Americans & the Vietnam War

Gerald Goodwin, a doctoral student at Ohio University, is writing a PhD dissertation that looks at African Americans during the Vietnam War and race relations in the military during the Vietnam War era.

“Much of my research is based on oral interviews and I have interviewed around 50 veterans at this point, ” Goodwin told us. “However, I am always looking for more veterans to interview. “

To that end, Goodwin would like to hear from “African American Vietnam veterans or white veterans who had an interesting experience with racial issues in Vietnam, ” he said. “I am looking for veterans who had either positive or negative experiences or some variation of each. The project is not limited to any specific period or any branch of the armed services. “

If you’d like to help, send an email to

And please mention that you read about his project on The VVA Vetera n’s Arts of War on the web page.

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