Veteran Artist Program in NYC

The organization Warrior Gateway  is hosting an event called the Veteran Artist Program Arts & Service Celebration  November 2-11 in New York City. The two-pronged event brings veterans interested in the arts to New York to take part in service projects, networking, social and professional events, as well as public events.

“There is a great pool of creative talent within the veteran community and we are planning for this event to expand that network and show the arts and entertainment world what military veterans have to offer, ” said Veteran Artist Program Founder BR McDonald.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate veterans by bringing the arts, service and the community together through collaboration with other military nonprofits in New York City during Veterans week, ” added Kelly Finn Störmer,  Warrior Gateway’s COO.

To register to take part in the even’ts free  free workshops and panels–which are open to all veterans— go to .


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