Prints of the Nance Vietnam Bronze Map

Last November , we wrote about the work of former USAF pilot James Nance, a Vietnam veteran and Vietnam Veterans of America member, a retired airline pilot, and an accomplished sculptor. We noted that his latest piece,   a huge bronze map of Southeast Asia, was dedicated October 1 in the new Southeast Asia Memorial Pavilion at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Nance’s alma mater.

Nance’s monumental bronze map (above ), a high-relief sculpture, is eight feet tall and weighs in at about 800 pounds. It represents an area of some 900, 000 square miles, depicting Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and parts of China and Burma. That includes the Ho Chi Minh Trail and virtually every U.S. and enemy base.

Since then, Nance tell us, he has received many requests for a print of the map and he now has a 30 by 25.5-inch one available. It is a Giclee print on heavy, acid-free textured watercolor paper, which gives the print a three-dimensional quality.

“This print is not a poster but intended for framing, ” Nance told us. Although the original bronze map has “U.S. Air Force” emblazoned on it, Nance will substitute any of the other services on individual orders. “I could easily customize the map for any organization such as VVA, ” Nance said. For more info, go to his website .

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