Veteran Portrait Art Exhibit at the VA Museum in NYC

A dozen large oil portraits of veterans are now on view at the VA’s New York City Museum, located on the second floor of the VA Regional office in Manhattan. The paintings, the work of New York City artist Nina Talbot, also contain the stories of the veterans gleaned from interviews with the artist.

Six of the veterans served in the Vietnam War, Talbot told us. “The Vietnam veterans were featured in the exhibit,  ‘ In Our Own Words, ‘  at the Brooklyn Historical Society, ” Talbot said. “I met them during the time I had an exhibit there last year.”

The “overall message of the series, ” she said, “is to portray personal reflections of the life paths and experiences of people serving in the military, past and present. I also hope to convey the transformative power of where the person is in their life as a result of their experiences.”

The exhibit runs through January 20.

The artist’s website is

Nina Talbot

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