‘Love in the Time of War’ Art Exhibit

Love in the Time of War is the title of a book of poetry by renowned poet Yusef Komunyaaka, who also happens to be a Vietnam War veteran.

“Love in the Time of War” is the title of a new art exhibit on display through October 15 at SF Camerawork in San Francisco.  The co-curator is the artist and writer Việt Lê, who came to this country from Vietnam as a child, and is an Assistant Professor of Visual Studies at California College of the Arts. The University of California, Santa Barbara, co-sponsored the exhibit. The artists whose works are on display are Anida Yoeu Ali, Bo, Francisco Camacho Herrera,  Nguyễn Quốc Thành, Amy Lee Sanford, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Delicious Taste, Studio Revolt,   Vănguard, Vuth Lyno, and Bruce Yonemoto. The gallery has a website with examples of their work.

Here’s how the gallery describes the show:

“Connecting the fortieth anniversary of the military engagements in Southeast Asia and current wars overseas and on U.S. streets, Love in the Time of War  features emerging and established artists with deep connections to Phnom Penh, Paris, Hà Nội, Los Angeles, and in-between.  The exhibit explores the relationship between war and intimacy, politics and the personal, the body and the body politic.  The homefront and homerotics; longing and loss—in  light of dark military engagements then and now, these artists query and queer the divide between violence and love, between the state and intimate statements.  The artists embody the contradictions of engaging love—its contingency and urgency—in a time of eternal wars.”

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