I Am Vietnam Art Exhibit by Jon York

The Springs Art Gallery , a veteran-friendly space in El Dorado Spring, Missouri, is running an exhibit that commemorates military service and highlights the issue of PTSD. It’s called “I am Vietnam, ” and is made up of work created through art therapy by Jon York, a former Marine who did a Vietnam War tour in 1969-70. The exhibit consists of York’s paintings, photographs and poetry that have helped him deal with his PTSD.

“Painting has helped me gain control of my life again and helps me release those demons that controlled my life for so many years, ” York said . “As veterans, we face battles every waking hour of the day. Creative therapy allows us to drag these thoughts out of our head, put them down as words, paintings and sculptures. Art can address potential solutions, reconciliation, and the power of the human spirit to overcome oppression and loss. This exhibition is the story of my Vietnam experience in creativity. By these paintings I hope to address the issues veterans face, coming back from war, the increased rates of PTSD in returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, and the increased rates of suicides.”

The exhibit will opened on November 14 and runs through January 16. For info, call 417-296-3659.

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