Former Nurse Helen White's Vietnam War-Influenced Paintings



An excellent profile of the artist Helen White  ran recently in the Nevada (Missouri) Daily Mail . The article talks about White’s work and how it was influenced by her service as a U.S. Army nurse in the Vietnam War. White did a tour of duty at the 67th Evac Hospital in Qui Nhon from 1969-70. The article also discusses White’s psychological readjustment problems since she came home and how her artwork has helped her deal with her PTSD.

“I don’t regret being there, ” White said in the article in her hometown newspaper. “There’s a lot I wish I could have done. I got off the plane, did what I could. I got back on the plane and came home. Some people didn’t.”

White’s painting, “Sharon Lane (above ), ”  is one of fifteen of her works that is displayed at the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago. That painting also is part of “War Paint, ” a traveling are exhibit that’s been on view at the Museum of Political History in St. Petersburg in Russia since December 1.


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