JFK Library’s Latest Digitial Offerings

The John F. Kennedy Library made some 250, 000 documents and 200 hours of audio and video from the library’s archives available on line on January 13.  This batch of information most used by researchers–including office files, personal papers, correspondence, speeches, and recorded telephone conversations–is the first of what the museum promises will be many more digitized document releases.

The goal, library director Thomas J. Putnam said, is to get about eight million of the 48 million pages of documents in the archives on line. That, of course, includeds a treasure trove of Vietnam War-related documents.

You can read a speech Sen. John F. Kennedy made on June 1, 1956, titled “America’s Stake in Vietnam , ” or the transcript of a November 12, 1964, oral history interview with William P. Bundy, one of JFK’s best and brightest Vietnam War advisers as Assistant Secretary of State and Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. It it, Bundy discusses planning the Bay of Pigs invasion, the escalation of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam during the Kennedy Administration, and Robert S. McNamara’s role in developing Vietnam War policy.

And that’s just the tip of the Vietnam War iceberg. To search yourself, go to the main Digital Archive page .

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