‘Ace’ Receives Independent Publisher Book Award | Books in Review

Rex Gooch’s 2015 book,  ACE: The Story of Lt. Col. Ace Cozzalio ,   received a 2016 Independent Publisher Books Award Bronze Medal in the category of Best Adult Nonfiction Personal E-Book.

In the book Gooch—who served as a helicopter pilot with the Lighthorse Air Cavalry in the Vietnam War in 1971—tells the story of another pilot, Allen “Ace” Cozzalio,  who was shot down six times during his eighteen months in Vietnam. On several other occasions the colorful Cozzalio brought his Loach back home so damaged from enemy fire that it was no longer flyable. He received every medal for valor except the Medal of Honor.

You can read our review at on The VVA Veteran ‘s Books in Review II page .

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