A Video Look at the U.S. Army Vietnam Combat Artist Program

You can watch “The Art of War,” an interesting and informative short (nine minute and 24-second) video that features interviews with two former U.S. Army Vietnam War combat artists, Stephen Randall and James Pollock. The video, produced by South Dakota Public Broadcasting’s Josh Kappler, includes Randall and Pollock discussing their work in Vietnam during the war and the role of the 46 Army artists who worked in five-man Combat Artist Teams.

It includes in country photos and images of the finished work of Randall, Pollock, and other artists. Those paintings and drawings are housed as the U.S. Army Center of Military History in Washington, D.C., and will become part of the collection of the National Army Museum, which is being built on an eighty-acre tract at Fort Belvoir in Alexandria, Virginia.


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