1968: The Musical

That’s right: A new musical called ’68 that looks a the tumultuous 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, opens next month. A production of the New York Music Festival, the musical is the work of Jamie Leo–who came up with the idea and wrote the book and lyrics–and Paul Leschen, who composed the music. The production is directed by Joey Murray.

“Told through unexpectedly moving tales about characters whose lives were impacted by intensely turbulent times, the compelling new work uses passion, humor, insight and highly memorable musicality and performances to haunt and inspire audiences of baby boomers and new generations by sharing lessons learned,” according to Broadway World.com

Tickets to the first five performances—at the Acorn Theater in New York City—on July 24-29 go on sale June 14. For info, go to The NY Music Festival website.

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